The Green Couch

If you have followed my blog or are my friend on Facebook, you probably already know that I have a somewhat unhealthy addiction to old furniture.

Well My mom, my sister and I went to get pedicures last night. Apparently there aren’t very many nail salons and EVERYONE in this little town needed to get their nails done yesterday. We were literally there for about 3 hours…. So on the way home at about 10pm my mom made me drive because she was so tired. And then it happened…..

(Let me preface this by saying that we are 900 miles from home with our 3 kids and dog. I mentioned that I wanted to go to some antique stores the other day and My husband QUICKLY said, we are absolutely NOT bringing any furniture home with us)

I spotted a little pick up truck with an old green velour tufted sofa with curved edges. I sped up to get a better look and I joked with my mom that we were going to follow him and see where he was going with it. She said get off his butt he is turning into the gas station. So I followed and pulled up next to him. He gets out the car on his cell phone and I yell “Hey!! you dont wanna sell that couch do you?” He looks over (probably a little startled) and says “you can have it, I was just about to bring it to Goodwill” Me: “For real? Hold on let me get out and get a good look at it.” Him: “Well I live in Huntington (about 30 mins away) you want me to give you my number?” Me: “let me think about it, just go ahead and go in the store and let me figure out what to do” He comes back, and I say “I think we can fit it in here.” My sister(who is about to die from embarrassment, she is 16)  and I fold the seats down in my moms suburban and me and the man load it in. And we go about our way with a couch hanging out the back of the car and my sister holding on to the couch. We get home and I send my sister in to get my husband, he comes out and said ” I knew it! as soon as Emily said you needed me outside, I said what did she buy?” I explain how we can just strap it to the top of our Yukon. He is such a trooper, he went to Lowes and bought some straps and plastic to wrap it in….. I will update the post with a picture of it on the car.

Here she is 🙂

Here is Ava and her toe touch on it. This could be your cool picture

** This picture was taken by Hank. He is catching on. No really I am impressed that he was able to pull off a jumping picture in focus when I only had the camera set to 2.8      He was offended that I didn’t orginally give him a photo credit 🙂

Emily 🙂

At a local park there is a field full of daffodils, so we went out to snap a few photos

Emily gave Camille this cool hair do. It looks like a mix between Dredlocks and Crimps…. I like it.

Kim Charlet wrote:

Amy! I love these pictures of your girls!!! Adorable. I love your ART!

 [ Apr 21st, 2010 6:43 pm ]
Katie Lewis wrote:

Seriously that couch is incredible!

 [ Apr 8th, 2010 8:49 pm ]
Lacey. wrote:

i LOVE the picture of Ava and Camille hugging on the ground under the tree! 🙂

 [ Apr 8th, 2010 6:36 am ]
Stephanie wrote:

Hi Amy,
A friend told me I should check out your blog and that I would like it….Well she’s right. I totally dig your photo style and I LOVE the green couch story. Furniture envy for sure 🙂

 [ Apr 5th, 2010 8:19 pm ]

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