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Thanks for stopping by  and welcome to my blog. Here I chronicle the images & stories behind the images taken by me, Amy Martin. I also like to humor you with the “never a dull moment” everyday life of an artist trying to make a living doing what she loves while juggling 3 kids, a husband, & a growing business (and a small zoo).

My hope is to brighten your day & inspire your life.

Unicorn Mini Shoots { South Louisiana Children’s Photographer }

July 7th, 2014 | Children


Now Booking Sept 6th!!!!

 I am so excited to share this session with you! The idea came from one of my great clients and it has been our brain child for almost 6 months. Since the demand for theses sessions is high, appointments are first come first serve. If you want a spot, PLEASE PLEASE make sure you go to the  website to reserve your time slot, this is the only way to ensure that everyone fairly gets their appointments. If you call me or email me and I cannot get back to you for a few hours or the next day, then the appointments may be booked up. For this reason, I am only accepting appointments online for the unicorn shoot. Below is more info and instructions on exactly what to do. We are already considering some dates in June for people who weren’t able to get in on these dates.


 Due to high demand, we will have to be very strict about the length of the session. If you book 15 minutes, that is what you will get. So if you have a daughter who is shy and may take a while to warm up be sure that you keep that in mind with which session you choose. This session will work best for children over 2. Willow is a live animal, please take that into consideration if your child has allergies or is easily spooked.


This time around we are only offering the 15 minute shoot, if you want to have a longer shoot, you may book two sessions in a row. If you want to do a change of clothes, you need to book two appointments.


Short Shoot- $200 this is a 15 minute shoot and includes 5 digital files or a $125 print credit.


 2 weeks after your shoot, the photos will be online! You will be able to choose your photos that are included with your package, and have the option to purchase more. You can share your gallery information with any of your family members and they can also order photos.


 The shoot will take place at a private residence in Zachary Louisiana or Baton Rouge. (exact address will be sent out once your payment has been received and your appointment is confirmed). There is a small barn on site that I plan to have tented on the inside with vintage sheets, we will have other outdoor areas that may have some different looks, and of course the option to just keep it natural like the sample photo.


 I will have a few accessories available (such as crowns)  that you are more than welcome to incorporate into your shoot but no costumes or wardrobe options. Everyone’s tastes are so different and kids are in all shapes and sizes that it will be impossible to accommodate everyone. I will send outfit recommendations to everyone who books an appointment.


 Sessions are Non-Refundable for any reason, in the event of inclement weather we will reschedule the date. If we cannot accommodate you on the rescheduled date, you will receive a studio credit that may be used towards a future portrait session.

So now that all of that business stuff is out of the way, here is what you have to do to get that coveted appointment.


 Step 1: You will need to go to http://amy-martin-photography.genbook.com


Choose the unicorn shoot option, then go to Sept 6th and choose a time. Be sure in the notes section to put how you plan to pay (Online with Visa/MC or by mailing a check) and also the names and ages of the children coming.

Step 2 IMPORTANT! You will not pay on that website, once you have your appointment set you will go to www.amymartinclients.com and there is an option that says “make a payment” You will click that and in the notes section please put your confirmed date and time.  Or you can mail a check to me ( Amy Martin,6553 Maple Street, Zachary, LA 70791) . Payment is due immediately, if you are paying online with a credit card, you have 24 hours to make your payment, if you are mailing a check, you have 5 days to get it to me. After this time period, your appointment will be opened up to others who are waiting.

DO NOT PAY unless you have already went to genbook and received an appointment time.


 I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you!


Gabby + Walker { Baton Rouge, Louisiana Wedding Photographer }

July 2nd, 2014 | Wedding

Gabby and Walker’s wedding was as unique and amazing as the two of them are. One thing I want to say about this wedding, is that it was truly an opportunity to document a wedding. What I mean by that is that is that there wasn’t posed photos, sure there are hugs and looking at the camera, but no staged couple shots no family groups standing in a perfect formation. (Wait a minute, I take that back, there is the photo of them before the wedding when they were together but didn’t see each other, but that doesn’t count….) I am not knocking those things, I think it is important to have family photographs and sometimes a wedding is the only time that families are together. However, I do feel like we live in a world where people’s weddings are treated more like a photoshoot than it is a union of two lives.

When you plan your wedding please remember that you are more in control of what your photos look like than your photographer is. Let me explain, it would be impossible to recreate the emotion on their faces during the ceremony in a staged shot, that is true love and commitment beaming through. It is a portrait of love that cannot be directed by even the best photographer.  And look at the grandfather dancing, I can promise you (since it is my family) that those photos will be cherished much more than having the whole family lined up in two rows, smiling and looking at the camera. I know that not everyone’s 90+ year old grandfather can cut a rug like Clyde, but when they can be documented in real life, the meaning is so much deeper.
Keep in mind that those photos you have pinned on your wedding inspiration blog that you will give to your photographer like a punch list to a contractor, demanding that your photos look just like this… most of those weddings have a floral or decoration budget that is higher than most people in our area are willing to spend on their entire weddings. With that in mind, something as simple as the Mississippi river has created the most beautiful golden hazy light that made for some of the best ceremony shots I have ever taken. This wedding is beautiful because it is so unapologetically “Gabby and Walker”. When you spend your time trying to make things look perfect or “different” instead of making the day about you and your spouse and a reflection/representation of your love, you are missing the point and doing yourself an injustice.
Sorry for the rant :) Just a reminder to keep it real!

Ceremony: Banks of the mighty Mississippi
Photographer: Amy Martin Photography
Flowers: Fleur Du Jour
Reception: Shaw Center Rooftop /Tsunami
Photo Booth : Smilebooth
Food: Heirloom Cuisine / Mestizos / Culinary Productions
Bridal Jewelry and Accessories : I Do Bridal Couture
Wedding Gown: Elizabeth Fillmore
Cake Balls : Brew Ha Ha
Reception dress: BHLDN

01_Amy martin photography

02_Louisiana wedding photographer

03_Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

04_Louisiana Wedding Photographer Amy Martin

05_Amy martin louisiana

06_downtown louisiana photographer

07_Mississippi River Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge

08_Louisiana documentary wedding photography

09_Amy Martin photographer baton rouge12_loubiere higgins wedding 2014


10_Amy martin



15_Brew ha ha wedding


17_ Brew Ha Ha cake balls

18_ #gabbyandwalker


20_ Baton Rouge destination weddings

21_ tsumnami wedding reception

22_ tsnami baton rouge wedding reception

23_ Louisiana Saturday Night Wedding

24_ #gabbyandwalker#gabbyandwalker

Meet Olivia { Baton Rouge Louisiana Children’s Photographer }

June 6th, 2014 | Children

I first met Olivia in 2011, she was one of our winners to be a model for a photoshoot with TuTu5. At that time she had been diagnosed with Batten’s disease, I cannot remember how long it had been, but she was in the early stages. It is heartbreaking to have watched her walk onto that that exact stretch of grass  3 .5 years ago  and this weekend she was pushed in a special wheelchair, where she is tilted back, her eyes were closed the entire time. She was sleeping but there were a few times when she would tense up and her mom and aunt would calm her. Willow (the unicorn from Wildwood Farm) must have known she was special, he didn’t want to leave her side and he kept giving her kisses, at one point her mom (or aunt, I can’t remember) asked if Willow was a therapy horse… I mean unicorn. He isn’t but his reaction was proof of how amazing and intuitive animals are. Look for Olivia on this weekend’s Miss USA Competition on NBC, I hear she is a special guest and has front row seats!

If you wanna keep up with Olivia and/or just send some prayers her, visit the Facebook page “Prayers for Olivia”.

I will share more, but for now here is one photo that I think perfectly represents her time with Willow. He looks like he is her guardian angel here, just watching over her. Special portraits of special children

Here is Olivia in October of 2011, just to give you an idea of the face of this rare disease.
The learn more about or donate towards research please click here.



Coming Soon { Zachary Louisiana Maternity Photography }

May 14th, 2014 | Maternity

In about a month I will be an aunt. My brother’s wife is having a baby and it is the first baby in the family since my youngest daughter who will be 12 this year!

Newborn Photographer Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge Maternity Photographer

Pinterest is a blessing and a curse for photographers. People endlessly search for something that is “different” and then sometimes request poses that are really cheesy or trying too hard, unless it fits the personality or lifestyle of the subject. I can honestly say these bottom photos fit these two. My brother’s beer belly with the baby, would be a cheesy pose for most, but it works for them.
Amy Martin Photography Louisiana

On Vacation!!

April 21st, 2014 | Uncategorized

After a crazy few months I am taking a much needed vacation. Feel free to call/text/email, just know that the reply may not come until April 28th!

Blake and Holly { New Orleans Louisiana Wedding Photographer }

April 21st, 2014 | Wedding

Happy one month anniversary Blake and Holly. It is such a wonderful thing to watch to people that love each other so much that it is written on their faces the entire night. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day!
01-Amy Martin Photography New Orleans

02-New Orleans wedding photographers

03-Southern Oaks plantation wedding

04-New Orleans wedding photographer

05-Amy Martin photography Louisiana

06-New Orleans destination wedding photographer

07-Wedding Photographers south louisiana

08-Southern oaks Wedding Photographer

09-Amy Martin photography New Orleans Louisiana

10-Southern oaks wedding

11-Family Portrait Photographers New Orleans

12-Wedding Photographer in New Orleans

13-New orleans weddinh

14-Amy Martin

15-New Orleans photographer

Holly is an amazing Cake designer. Check her out at Sweet Elizabeth Cakes.
16-Sweet Elizabeth Cakes

17-Southern Oaks

18-Louisiana Wedding Photographer


I had the privilege of shooting all three of these girls’ weddings!

21-southernoaks Louisiana

22- Amy Martin Photography New Orleans Louisiana




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