Angkor Watt & A Cambodian Orphanage

We got up before the crack of dawn to head over to Angkor Watt to watch the sunrise. Did you know it takes the sun a little while to come up? I must have shot 100 pictures that almost look exactly alike, I am sharing one on here. It was a great experience and has even been featured on the travel channel. There were a ton of people there to watch. Much like when we were watching the sunset at the ruins, watching the people was one of my favorite things. I was SOOOOO tired but stayed to walk around for a bit. It was so massive and beautiful. There were so many things I could say about it but I will just post a few pictures for now.

This is actually at the entrance and not the building. Everything about these places are so grand. It isn’t something you can explain, you have to experience it for yourself. I wish I could live a day in the past and know what it was like to walk the halls back then.

Here are a couple of the MANY details I shot while inside. I can’t even imagine how they made such beautiful details without the use of modern tools. The one all the way to the right was actually on the ceiling and that is stone my friends… Not pressed tin.

I was seperated from the group for a while and decided to go find our tuk-tuk drivers. I know I have said it before but these guys were AMAZING. I had walked around for about 15 minutes in a sea of Tuk Tuks when my driver ran across the “parking lot” to get me. While we waited for everyone else these kiddos kept us entertained. We even played a game of hakey sac (sp?) with them and the tuk tuk drivers.

Here is one of my favorite shots from Angor Watt and a photo of the view from inside the Tuk Tuk.

We spent the mid day napping and maybe a little shopping 🙂 We were headed to an orphanage that evening. We had no idea what a treat they had in store for us! We got there and there was a stage set up and kids in costumes. They did some traditional Cambodian dances for us. They were so dedicated and talented! They perform these shows some weekends to raise money. These kids were not oppressed. People have made comments on how sad they thought it would be to visit an orphanage. These kids were so happy. They didn’t cry when we left but they did ask if we were coming back, it broke my heart to say no. They would hug on us and ask us our names and what our jobs were. You could tell that they were in a very loving and nurturing environment. Bobby and Lindsay had visited this orphanage before but they were only in a hut in the jungle and now they are in a brick and mortar building.  I hope to update this blog with contact info for the orphanage so you can get involved or donate to them if you wish.

I double puffy heart LOVE this kid. He is an amazing dancer! So he’s got lots of photos! Seriously the next night we paid money to see a traditional dance and these kids were 100% better than the adult professionals!

The little guy with me in the middle is the dancer behind that monkey mask! That’s Richelle with some puppies (we thought this picture looked like a 2 headed puppy)

Here Megan is with some new friends!

So I am a SLOW blogger…. I picked these photos out to blog a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share a story on what a great mother Lindsay is going to be someday, but now we know that she will be a mom sooner than we thought! Bobby and Lindsay just announced that they are expecting. I couldn’t possibly be happier for them, they are quite possibly the CUTEST couple I have ever met. I’m not kidding! I don’t think I saw Lindsay without a kid in her lap the entire time we were there!

After the formal dancing, the place turned into dance party USA (oops I mean Cambodia). We were all dancing around with the kids. It was so much fun. you could tell they were having the time of thier lives! Here are a few of the boys right before they tackled bobby.

I think Dane got a little lovin from the Giant Puppet thing!  😉 I just love that picture of them dancing for some reason!

Here are the kiddos showing off  for us. They probly could have done this all night. It was such a treat. Bobby put it best when he wrote this on his blog… ”

Visiting an orphanage can be a very emotional event. The temptation for many can be that you feel guilty for going just for a day — almost like you’re using the kids to make yourself feel good. I’m too big of a pragmatist for this. As a group, I’m guessing we left enough money for food for the kids for an entire month. That’s a net gain, in my opinion. As a group, we danced an entire night away with these kids — all of them smiling, laughing, and wrestling their little hearts out. That’s a net gain, again, in my opinion.

So we weren’t miracle workers, I know that. But we got perspective on life, the orphanage got much needed money, and the kids got a fun night of playing. These are all better than not going because you feel bad about not being able to be a bigger help. I’d rather help a little than not at all. It was such a great evening 🙂 ”

Meg wrote:

You captured awesome pictures of the kids and the kids during the dance!

 [ Feb 9th, 2010 3:34 am ]
Bobby Earle wrote:

Wowzers. So many great photos/memories. I freaking love so many of these, Amy!!!

 [ Feb 9th, 2010 1:43 am ]

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