Saying Goodbye to Thailand…. Cambodia bound

On this day we woke up early to get on a an all day long train ride. To be honest I was glad to have this day to be by myself. We were all together but we were on a train with the wind in hair and the sun on our skin and that is one of my favorite things. Rolling up the windows and turning on the AC wasn’t an option. For at least an hour of the first train ride I sat on the edge of the caboose hanging my feet off of the train listening to my ipod. Alone with my thoughts reflecting on all the insane things we had done and experienced and looking forward to the next adventures in Cambodia.

I orginally thought it was cool we were going to Cambodia but was most excited about Thailand. Turns out I LOVED Cambodia. Don’t get me wrong I could spend my whole life laying on Freedom Beach or any of the islands we were at or around on the day we  chartered a boat. But to be honest if I had to choose a place to waste my time in, it would have been Siem Reap, Cambodia.

These lily pads were in the river as we waked over a little walkway bridge to get to our rooms at The VN guesthouse. I loved them.


We were all tired, the night before was pretty eventful. Several people went out and stayed out almost all night and the rest of us tried to pack while the electricity went on and off for long periods of time. Finally able to lay in the bed when some other noisy guest were having a great time and making sure everyone else heard! Here are some people resting at the train station waiting for the train.


I didn’t take too many pictures during the time on the train. But here are a few. The one to the left is Erika looking so seriously out of the window. The other is of these two little boys who boarded the last train right before we arrived at the border town. They were so cute!! Letting us all take pictures of them. They must have felt like movie stars. Look at those smiles.



We spent the night at a hotel in the border town. We couldn’t cross the border into Cambodia until morning. I soooo wish I had some video of that night. I was soooo delirious. I was talking crazy and if they didn’t know me better my new friends would have sworn I was drunk. A few of us went into the Karaoke room and I was exhausted and decided to go back to the room and go to sleep. I walked straight out of the door and into a glass wall. And I hit it hard!!!! There was a little Thai guy standing there with his jaw dropped and his arms out. I went back in the room to tell everyone, I was laughing so hard that I was crying. About 5 of the workers from the hotel walked in laughing out loud. When I finally got back up to leave again the workers held my hand to make sure I made it out okay. It made me laugh bc I know they thought I must have been wasted….. But I promise I wasn’t I don’t even drink.

Here is the Cambodian border. I love that it is a Kingdom.


The smell at the broder was almost unbearable. And the children there begging was so sad. As we walked up Bobby warned us by saying “Hey guys…. These kids are so cute but they will take everything from your pockets so be careful”. As we were walking from building to building during the visa getting process we saw many locals carrying large things and hauling carts with goods back and forth across. It was so sad to see little kids barefooted pulling carts (much like a horse is the best way to put it).  This little guys cart wasn’t half as full as some of them.


We arrived at the 2 Dragons guesthouse, and this is the owners son (4yrs old I think). He was sooo adorable. And very smart too.  On the right you will see the picture he was drawing, there were some snakes on there and I made a comment that they were scary and he quickly informed me in the cutest little voice that… “Rat snakes aren’t scary they eat Rats not people”


These ducks were still alive……


We took a Tuk-Tuk ride to Go watch the sunset at one of the Temple Ruins. These guys are victims of land mines. Bobby has said that they have held that same spot for 3 years. Here they are as we walked up to watch the sunset.


You have to walk up some pretty steep steps….


There were hundreds of people there to watch. Watching them was one of my favorite parts.


How beautiful is that.


The picture to the left reminds me of the Lion King.



Here they are again still playing on our way out.


Muriel wrote:

Wow Amy!!! these are wonderful, looks like an amazing trip!

 [ Jan 21st, 2010 6:52 am ]
Leslie Lancaster wrote:

Wow, Amy!! Amazing 🙂

 [ Jan 17th, 2010 3:32 am ]
Amy Martin wrote:

Thanks Richelle… I guess there are some advantages of not being the BB 😉

 [ Jan 3rd, 2010 10:25 pm ]
Richelle wrote:

These are awesome!! I love the ones of the two boys from the train… they were so cute!! I love that I get to relive the trip as you post new blogs!

 [ Jan 3rd, 2010 10:19 pm ]

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