Don’t go chasing waterfalls….. (shout out to TLC)

Day# I cannot remember: Erawan Falls…  I loved these trees at the beginning of the trail. Here are Megan and I before the sweatfest began.


This was a fun and challenging day. I knew we were going to get to see some really awesome waterfalls but what I did not know was that it was an intense hike to get to the top…. I was unprepared, I wore flip flops! My friend Richelle let me borrow the water shoes that she brought. THANK GOD FOR RICHELLE (she gets two links for that). I don’t think I would have made it without those shoes! Anyway at the bottom were a few little cascades and there were some little monkeys down there who would steal your food, and who are also apparently fierce! The first monkey I saw wouldn’t come down bc a local was there shaking the tree and throwing stuff at him. It made me kindof mad. There were tons of Thai people there. Apparently if you are Thai it cost over $400 less baht to get in than if you aren’t. Because of that, there were tons of locals there picnicking. Here is the first monkey that I got to feed. I was giving him huge chunks of watermelon, I figured he must be starved bc he kept coming back for more. A few minutes later I noticed these square shapes protruding from his neck… he was storing them.there like a chipmunk.

Notice the sign… Everytime I saw a monkey I would say Beware a Monkey steal your belongings…. It makes me smile.


A local girl walking around at the bottom of one of the cascades.


This was the first big waterfall we got to and one of my favorites. it was like a lagoon. I loved it. The only bad thing was there were these BIG fish who would nibble at your feet and legs… much like one of those fish pedicures, but I was not down with that!

See it was pretty steep. And this was a good area where there were stairs. Most areas were giant rock that was hard to climb.


We finally made it to the top and got to swim and play before making our way back down. This little guy was up there waiting on us, there was no food allowed up here but someone how I forgot something in my bag. I fed him some Colons…. Yes you read right Colons… they are like chocolate filled mini biscottis. Bobby called me a monkey killer, but I fed him anyway. See he has a little chocolate on his chin 🙂


On our way back down we explored some of the falls that we passed up originally.Here are some rock slides. The first pictures shows some locals who were there having a great time. They all yelled Heeeeeeyyyyyy to us when we first walked up then they all cheered Go Go Go Go Go Go to me when I was scared to go down the rock slide. You can’t tell in the pictures but it was really steep. Oh and the guy in the middle, you know the one who looks like he is wearing speedos…. Nope … He is straight up wearing his Drawers/underwear/tighty blues or whatever you like to call them. I got to see them up close and personal on the rock slide 🙂


And here I go…


I loved this Bamboo with everyones etching in it.


Geez I almost forgot to tell you about the monkey attack!!! Okay it wasn’t that bad but it was definitely hilarious!

So we all (well almost all about 10 of us) walked across this big log to where some monkeys were. There was a baby one at the other end who reached out and held bobby’s finger. Of course me the monkey lover asked who had some food left. Andrea said she had some melon and reached in her bag to get it and hand it to me… Apparently that is a sign of come eat to the monkeys (when someone reaches into a bag). Out of no where this big monkey swings from some trees and starts running down this log toward us…. I thought he was mad that Bobby was touching his baby…. I was wrong!!!!! He saw Andrea hand me that bag of melon. I was trying to hurry and grab a small piece of the melon out of the bag when he basically charges me and I go to hand him the piece of fruit and he swats the entire bag and grabs it and up the tree he goes…. LOL I still have a scab on my hand from where his dirty little fingers scratched me!! It was hilarious, everyone was freaking out as he was coming yelling GO GO GO get off the log!!! haha! I so wish someone had this on video! Any RPTE goers who read this please leave comments about this and how crazy funny it was! I know my story hasn’t done it justice!

Unlike the other Monkeys we met in Cambodia, these were definitely FIERCE 🙂

The guy to the left who is chilling on the scene of the crime, isn’t a fierce one, he is the one from the waterfall who followed us down. He looks pretty laid back.


Katie Lewis wrote:

Okay, I’m pretty sure that I nearly shoved Josh off the log to get out of there. I was under the impression that we had to go across this log to get down but apparently you all just had to see a baby monkey up close. One of those big monkeys jumped right behind me on the log and brushed by me and that was the end of that for me. I was off that log in a flash! I didn’t want my face to be ripped off by the fierce monkeys!

 [ Dec 30th, 2009 8:09 am ]
Nick Simcheck wrote:

Yes, the monkey snatching the bag was beyond hilarious!

Almost everybody except me (cause I’m smart :P) were standing on this huge log like 6′ in the air, and this monkey starts runnin… no, CHARGING in front of everybody with his eyes dead set on Amy. He sure got that bag too, I got pictures to prove it!

I thought for sure somebody was going to fall tough.

LOL I LOVE the censorship btw.

 [ Dec 30th, 2009 7:04 am ]
Meg wrote:

Love the pictures, Amy! And I just noticed the “Blower’s Daughter” playing here on your blog! If I ever get married, that’s the song I’d walk done the aisle to.

 [ Dec 30th, 2009 1:56 am ]
Bobby Earle wrote:

HA!!! I freaking LOVE the censor sign!!!!

 [ Dec 30th, 2009 1:45 am ]

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