Elephants, Tigers and Sunsets

First off let me say that my day numbering system is totally off. I started counting on the 1st full day of activities which makes this day 3& 4… If you started from the beginning this is prob day 5 or 6…..So I am going to nix the whole numbering thing bc I am confused.

I left this off of the last post. Here is a picture of Bobby getting video of the ride home from Freedom beach at sunset, he has a really cool video of that that I will post a link to when available.

boobyWe Boarded a train the next morning for Kanchanaburi, Thailand. These two girls were on a passing train as we stopped at a local stop to pick up and let off some people. It was really cool to see a bunch of school kids on trains. They have to travel by train daily to get to school.

traingirlsWe arrived at the VN Guesthouse in just enough time to see the sunset over the water. Our rooms were on a raft much like a house boat, and felt pretty much like an old trailer camp on False river (for those of you in LA and know what I am talking about). This was the view from Cherish and I’s room on the raft πŸ™‚

IMG_8243I might be wrong but I think the next day was the day that we went on elephant rides and to The Tiger Temple. And wouldn’t you know they had a snake here too. So a few people held this gigantic thing. I can’t remember which kind it was, but I know it was Albino bc I remember Bobby saying that in the wild it would never get this big bc it would be spotted easily and killed.

Here are bobby and Josh holding the snake. (you can’t really see Bobby really but he is holding that snake with its tongue out)


We boarded our elephants.Β Richelle and I shared one. I basically sat ontop of her bc I thought that the seat was lopsided and it felt like we were going to fall off. It was really hot that day but we had a great time. Β The shot to the right is one I snagged with Richelle’s 70-200L lense that I need (hint hint…)


Our elephant “driver” (for lack of a better word) lived in a hut on the property where the elephants were. The house on the right was his. This is how most of the houses are in Cambodia. Actually that might even be considered a mid range as far as how nice it was. I saw many houses that people lived in that would make that hut look like a palace. Makes you realize how lucky we are but also how unnecessarily huge our houses are.

elephant2These kiddos were running around playing and the guy yelled at them to go on, but I motioned for them to group together for this picture.

elephant3 After the trek through the jungle area, we were brought over to a river where we got to get on the elephants in the river and “bathe”” them with a little scrub brush. I don’t have any pictures of that bc I was in the water. The picture to the left gives you an idea of what it was like. The picture to the right is a little baby elephant who was digging in Erin’s bag. It was so cute.

elephant4IMG_8452-1elepant5Bobby and Lindsay’s elepant “driver” made them little hats… I was jealous. here I am with the RPTE queen πŸ™‚

elepant6After the Elephants we got some lunch and headed out to Tiger Temple. I was really looking forward to this. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to have a pet tiger.

Tiger2We got to walk around and take a picture with several of the big ones. This is the only picture where I dont look stupid and there happen to be 2 tigers in it so thats a bonus πŸ™‚

tiger1The tiger temple is run by Monks. They handle the tigers. Here is one of the Monks getting some tiger lovin…

Tiger3Here I am with the younger tiger. The monk told me to kiss him (the tiger not himself) right after this. Tiger fur feels gritty.

Tiger 5

This guy was on the sidelines. My friend Nick asked him if we could take his picture. Monks are usually off limits especially to women. We took several pictures of him and he looked over and said “movie star” then asked us where we were from. He asked me to give him my address that he always wanted to come to America. I laughed and said well can you babysit? and he said only in the mornings!


After all of the tiger activities, they bring out a dumptruck of some pumpkin looking fuit and dump it all along this dirt road and hundreds of cattle and some other animals come out to eat it. There were several roosters, so I again borrowed Richelle’s lens so I could get a good picture of one. those little things are fast so it took me several tries and alot of running around. Bobby was laughing at me and asked… “Do they not have Roosters in Louisiana?” I then explained that my mom liked roosters so I wanted to get a good picture for her.


Laura Hoffmann wrote:

Oh my goodness! I would’ve never thought traveling to Cambodia would be so awe inspiring! Love the shots, they really tempt me to jump on a plane and visit right now. πŸ™‚

 [ Oct 29th, 2010 10:37 pm ]
Rhiona wrote:

Awesome stuff! I love love love the close up elephant series.

 [ Dec 24th, 2009 12:20 am ]
Richelle wrote:

Awesome post! So glad my lens came in handy. =) I LOVE your rooster shot and your elephant shots and the hut shots and, well, all of them!

 [ Dec 24th, 2009 12:12 am ]
Bobby Earle wrote:

Amy. That double shot of the monk kissing/hugging the tiger?! Might be my favorite set from the entire trip out of anyone. Oh my gosh! It’s amazing.

 [ Dec 24th, 2009 12:08 am ]

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