Paradise: Raddest Phototrip Ever Day 1- Phuket, Thailand

As many of you may know I am on the Raddest Phototrip Ever with Bobby Earle. I have been looking forward to this trip ever since I signed up for it at the begininng of the year. I didn’t write too much about it here on the blog because it seemed to good to be true! i was afraid something would happen and I would not be able to go. But here I am and it is truly the trip of a lifetime.

I am finally taking a little time to stay in the room to blog some images. All of these images were taken on our first full day in Thailand. We had to be up at 4am after having travelled for about 30 hours. We chartered a boat with  Crystal Clear Thailand. Alex was THE BEST! It was pitch black outside when we left to go in the middle of the ocean. I wasn’t nervous about it all though. The water was insanely choppy.  The boat was going up and down and I all of a sudden got motion sickness. I wanted to die! It was horrible.  Imagine being in the middle of the ocean in Thailand, it’s pitch black outside, feeling sick and the boat is slamming up and down…. crazy! Thank God it went away fast. The sun came up and all was well after that. Alex explained that his captain can read the ocean and that 9 out of 10 people would have went back. I am so glad that we didn’t because it was an amazing day! The weather was perfect!!! We island hopped the islands off the coast of phuket.

This first picture is the sunrise over the huge rocks out there and our “captain”

IMG_7092Totally worth the few minutes of wanting to die…. Agree? These were taken in or around, Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island and Monkey Island.




This was taken on Phi Phi Island where we did some shopping. There was a little restaurant that had these papers all over the wall. I especially liked the one here in the center that says Believe everything written on this wall.

IMG_7294This was on the opposite side of Phi Phi Island from where we docked. The water was only waist to chest deep almost all the way out to those rocks in the background. We had a great time just lounging out there in the sun.  Here is a photo of some of my new friends and one old one 😉 Cherish, Erika, Erin &  Megan

IMG_7350My oh my… How cute are these monkeys???? This is my new friend Josh. He is an amazing photographer out in Santa Barbara.  Cherish took photos of me with the monkeys maybe I will get them soon and add them. This was monkey beach. It is a tiny piece of sand on the edge of one of those rocks and has lots of monkeys who love tourists and their bananas.  There were a couple little babies that were so cute that I wanted to put them in my luggage and take them home.

IMG_7388This last picture is Alex, who not only took us on an amazing boat ride the whole day, but also gave us good ideas for our trip and even took us all out to dinner at this reggae resturant. We had the best time! The picture to the left was something someone wrote on a post there. I just loved it. It wasn’t a place that had things written everywhere, so that message was just cool to me.IMG_7446

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Anthony Mark Burns wrote:

I love your work Amy!! These pictures are amazing.

 [ Dec 14th, 2009 9:31 pm ]

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