Meet Olivia { Baton Rouge Louisiana Children’s Photographer }

I first met Olivia in 2011, she was one of our winners to be a model for a photoshoot with TuTu5. At that time she had been diagnosed with Batten’s disease, I cannot remember how long it had been, but she was in the early stages. It is heartbreaking to have watched her walk onto that that exact stretch of grass  3 .5 years ago  and this weekend she was pushed in a special wheelchair, where she is tilted back, her eyes were closed the entire time. She was sleeping but there were a few times when she would tense up and her mom and aunt would calm her. Willow (the unicorn from Wildwood Farm) must have known she was special, he didn’t want to leave her side and he kept giving her kisses, at one point her mom (or aunt, I can’t remember) asked if Willow was a therapy horse… I mean unicorn. He isn’t but his reaction was proof of how amazing and intuitive animals are. Look for Olivia on this weekend’s Miss USA Competition on NBC, I hear she is a special guest and has front row seats!

If you wanna keep up with Olivia and/or just send some prayers her, visit the Facebook page “Prayers for Olivia”.

I will share more, but for now here is one photo that I think perfectly represents her time with Willow. He looks like he is her guardian angel here, just watching over her. Special portraits of special children

Here is Olivia in October of 2011, just to give you an idea of the face of this rare disease.
The learn more about or donate towards research please click here.



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