Flashback! Allison and Luke circa 2011 { Louisiana Wedding Photographer }

I was talking to a collegue the other day about non-traditional weddings. We were talking about how photographers have so many request for something “different” or something that was inspired by pinterest. Let me start off by saying I love pinterest, but so many people seem to want to do things that are “different” but those things don’t really reflect who they are. Sometimes people are so caught up with doing something “cool” or having the “perfect” wedding, that they lose track of having a day that truly reflects themselves. I happened to come across these images on a portable harddrive so I wanted to share.
This is one of my favorite weddings, because this couple, did not care about stereo-types or what others wanted their wedding to be. This was a small gathering at their “camp”/ house in Morerro Louisiana. The bride wore custom nike tennis shoes and the groom wore jeans, and the wedding could not have been more perfect!

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Happy Monday! enjoy

Wedding Photography Louisiana Amy Martin

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Allison McNeely wrote:

Amy, this was so cool to see just 10 days out from our 3rd anniversary. Thank you for the kind words about our day. Its really cool to know you have been to so many weddings and consider ours one of your favorites. We couldn’t be happier with the photos you took that day. You captured US so well. Thank you
BTW-did you ever notice the heart shape the sun is making right above us in the first pic you have posted here? Someone pointed it out to me at our 1 year anniversary, and now it’s so obvious I don’t know how I missed it. It stands out even more in the black and white one.

 [ Sep 16th, 2013 11:43 pm ]

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