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People often ask me what is my favorite thing to photograph… I have a hard time picking a favorite anything (color, song etc) so I am never sure what to say when someone ask me about favorites. Usually my answer is that I like to photograph individuals in their own element so that I am actually capturing the (for lack of better word) essence of that person. While going through these images the first thing that popped up in my mind was “kids being kids” and actually most of all I love to capture real life (individually or the dynamic of relationships). Now obviously I started out by directing the kids (stand here, hold hands, lets sit here…) but they took it from there and while it may not be the everyone looking at the camera smiling picture that grandma or parents may have been looking for, I love them, simply because it seems to capture their personalities and who they are at this age and afterall that is my desire. To capture who a person is so that you can look at that photo in 15 years and remember that serious, curious face or spunky little kid. In this day and age with all of the technology and the CONSTANT documentation of everything it is doubtful that we will forget what our kids look like, but to have something that captures personality (smiling or not) is, in my opinion, priceless.

I had the priviledge of shooting these cousins at their grandparent’s beautiful property in Mississippi the night before I left for Camp and the grandmother and parents have been so patient, waiting almost a month to see these! When I first got there, there was a melt down and we weren’t hopeful but between me and grandma we were able to turn things around. It was about 199 degrees outside and 500% humidity, these kids were troopers! Hope you enjoy!


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A kiss from her brother kind of looks like a bite but I promise it wasn’t! She stole a kiss from her cousin afterwards.

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This adorable guy kept a serious face, which is okay because look how gorgeous it is! But when he did crack a smile he tried to hide it from me 🙂

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