A Sale to Celebrate a Little Time Away! 50% off prints

Here is the deal.

All sessions from 2010- now have been reactivated with a 50% off discount already applied. (if you are a current session and have not placed your minimum order yet, we didn’t leave you out! You should notice a 20% discount) Visit to find your gallery. If you need your password, please email us at amymartinphotographer@gmail.com or amy@amymartinphotography.com or text 225-235-4999 .

Please know….

– Discount is only through August 3rd.

– You must place your order online (no exceptions)

– You must pay! If you choose to mail a check please stick it in the mail immediately, if it is not received within 10 days of your order, the order will be cancelled.

– Orders will NOT be processed until we are back in town at the beginning of August. You can expect to receive your order by the end of August. Orders will be mailed to the address you supply with your order.

– While we are away we will have very limited access to the internet and spotty cell phone service, because of this it could take a week or longer for us to reply to any email or messages. Thanks in advance for your patience.

– Please share your gallery with your family. Grandma, aunts and uncles love to have photos too! especially with a great deal like this.

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