Fire and iPads -My morning

If you are ever wondering why I post your gallery a few days later than expected, or why an order may not be here within the usual 2.5 weeks or why it takes me 2 days to return an email or phone call….. Let me just recap this morning for you. My days are like this most days, give or take   some flames or broken iPads.

Let me preface this by saying this could have been so much worse. I have a dear friend who lost everything a couple months ago when her historic home burned to the ground.

My daughter Camille comes into my room and whispers to my husband “I need to tell you something” (this isn’t unusual he’s the go to if she thinks mom will freak out) I over hear her saying something about a something slipping out and a crack….. Short part of that story is she broke my ipad. It wasn’t bad really just  some crack in the screen on the corner.

Not even 10 minutes later my other daughter Ava comes running in my screaming and can barely get out the words “Camille caught her room on fire!” I jump up and throw a robe on and see my husband standing in the kitchen and out comes other daughter screaming. I get in after my husband and he is trying to beat out a fire. The room is full of smoke and flames. Me and the girls run outside, Camille is yelling at him to open the window then she starts squirting water in the room. He yells at her to stop (I didn’t realize he didn’t tell her to do that). Everything is under control at that point. a few minutes later I go back in there to bring a fan to filter out the air and notice the clothes in the drawer right there are still burning even though there are no flames, so I throw it out the window. Finally deep breath.

Now let me backtrack… Just yesterday or the day before my son lit a puff thing (in picture below) and blew it out in her room. I know I know… he is a piro… he gets it honetly….truth be told I am suprized that something like this has not happened already. After all they have lit firecrackers in the house before. (tiny dynomite and smoke bombs)

Her room is different now, several of those puff things were grouped together and just hanging from the bottom of one of those stuffed animal nets in the corner of the room.  What she said happened was that she was lighting a candle and that puff thing somehow caught on fire. (I can’t be certain if this is really what happened or she was trying out her brother’s experiment) Basically it travelled up those puffs and caught the whole net of animals on fire and either it fell or my husband knocked it down and beat out the fire. I am so thankful that my biggest problem now is just a stinky mess.

It was very scary for all of us. But especially Camille, I know she felt terrible.


Moral of the story: don’t judge me because you don’t have to live with these kids! LOL


No really, we have an eventful never a dull moment home and things get chaotic and stressful and most days I am on the verge of running away of killing someone. But at least my kids will never say they had a boring life. Hank’s grandmother always says I have “spirited children” and though most days I have to put my earphones in and blast music to tune out the insanity, I wouldn’t trade it for



Meg wrote:

Sounds like a typical Martin morning, no? haha. Love you guys.

 [ Mar 15th, 2012 12:40 pm ]
claire wrote:

I thought for sure that you were going to mention your other child, Sack, and his destruction and high demands for attention :)Glad everyone is ok.

 [ Mar 15th, 2012 10:30 am ]
claire wrote:

I thought for sure that you were going to mention your other child, Sack, and his destruction and high demands for attention 🙂

 [ Mar 15th, 2012 10:30 am ]

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