Wedding: Oak Alley Plantation

Here are a few images from a wedding I shot with one of my best friends Kim. The ceremony was so sweet and so personal. I really enjoyed it. If you have never visited Oak Alley Plantation you should. Not only is it a great venue for your wedding, it is also rich with history, they have tours all year long.



This couple opted for first look, which is where the Bride and Groom see each other before the wedding. I HIGHLY recommend this to all of my brides and future brides. You just can’t get images like this if you don’t. ┬áIt is a very sweet and special time for the bride and groom before the wedding, then when it is time for the ceremony no one is as nervous and best of all, all of your photos are over with and you get to your reception at the same time as your guests! Not to mention if you don’t, the only picture you will have together on your wedding day will be a posed picture in front of the church with flash, as it is usually dark by the time the ceremony is over. (okay I am off my soapbox).


This was taken directly after the ceremony as they were walking back into the plantation. Totally unposed!


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