A Glimpse { Baton Rouge, Louisiana Portrait Photographer }

Here is a glimpse into my Saturday.

These cuties were my first session of the day.

During hurricane Katrina (or maybe Rita) The electricity went out in my house, so my whole family was sleeping at my  studio. This little girl (Ava) was scheduled for newborn pictures, her mom called to see if they could still come. I said, I am here anyway with my whole family so come on! Here she is 5 years later. Like I said in one of my last posts, I LOVE my long term clients, it is such an honor to watch families grow!

Here is her little brother.

This picture cracks me up!!

That’s Ava twirling on the left and an afternoon client on the right.

I love people who are willing to trespass a little to get a great photo.

Little sister down!

Little sister back up..

How adorable is this little ham! I love this series. The middle picture looks like he is making the bunny do a trick, but really he was just falling.

This little guy was a flirt! He took my 8 year old by the hand and brought her on a little walk.

Love his face on the left! He said BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY in the deepest voice almost the entire session.

This little boy bit his lip the whole session looking like a bunny  himself!

This girl is the QUEEN of fake smiles, but we got some great REAL smiles this time. I am so glad!

This cutie was actually on Friday but she was on the same memory card 🙂

Here is her gorgeous momma!

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