A Weekend Trip

This weekend we travelled to Nashville to visit our friends Bobby and Lindsay and their new baby Clive. Bobby is the photographer who we have travelled with on 2 international trips “The Raddest Photo Trip Ever“.  We also met up with some other friends who recently moved there, and met my mom there to buy her car. It was alot of stuff to fit into 4 days! I am very happy to say that we are HOME!!! So if you tried to contact me after Thursday of last week, you can expect a reply or phone call in the next day or so. Anyone else out there with kids who CONSTANTLY FIGHT??? Geez, although we did have fun,  this trip has done me in!

Here are a few highlights from the trip

(1) Camille and Her Friend Caroline at The Adventure Science Center in Nashville  (2) Ava testing out microgravity at the science center. (3) My husband and kids having a pillow fight at the hotel

(1) Ava wearing her “ugly” mask she made in school. (2) The Grand Ole Opry show featuring Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, Blake Shelton, Eden’s edge and a few other people. (3) The Band Perry performing.

(1) A funny sign in the bathroom of a flea market. (2) Payton helping to hold an albino Burmese python (3) Ava holding a little snake

(1) Camille dreaming about being able to drive (3) My malti-poo Lucy and her aunt Rosie (3) Ava and little Clive Earle (Bobby and Lindsay’s son)

(1) Ava with her fake teeth and Bobby Earle (2) The kids playing bumper cars at Goofballs (3) Payton and Ava playing Mario Cart on the Wii at Goofballs.

If you live in or plan to visit the Franklin/Nashville TN area and need something to do with the kids my kids had a GREAT time at goofballs and the staff was so incredibly nice!

Also they LOVED the science museum. There was tons to do and the admission was only $9 for kids.

**all pictures on this post were taken on my iphone4 and edited through the instagram app

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