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Gabby and Walker’s wedding was as unique and amazing as the two of them are. One thing I want to say about this wedding, is that it was truly an opportunity to document a wedding. What I mean by that is that is that there wasn’t posed photos, sure there are hugs and looking at the camera, but no staged couple shots no family groups standing in a perfect formation. (Wait a minute, I take that back, there is the photo of them before the wedding when they were together but didn’t see each other, but that doesn’t count….) I am not knocking those things, I think it is important to have family photographs and sometimes a wedding is the only time that families are together. However, I do feel like we live in a world where people’s weddings are treated more like a photoshoot than it is a union of two lives.

When you plan your wedding please remember that you are more in control of what your photos look like than your photographer is. Let me explain, it would be impossible to recreate the emotion on their faces during the ceremony in a staged shot, that is true love and commitment beaming through. It is a portrait of love that cannot be directed by even the best photographer.  And look at the grandfather dancing, I can promise you (since it is my family) that those photos will be cherished much more than having the whole family lined up in two rows, smiling and looking at the camera. I know that not everyone’s 90+ year old grandfather can cut a rug like Clyde, but when they can be documented in real life, the meaning is so much deeper.
Keep in mind that those photos you have pinned on your wedding inspiration blog that you will give to your photographer like a punch list to a contractor, demanding that your photos look just like this… most of those weddings have a floral or decoration budget that is higher than most people in our area are willing to spend on their entire weddings. With that in mind, something as simple as the Mississippi river has created the most beautiful golden hazy light that made for some of the best ceremony shots I have ever taken. This wedding is beautiful because it is so unapologetically “Gabby and Walker”. When you spend your time trying to make things look perfect or “different” instead of making the day about you and your spouse and a reflection/representation of your love, you are missing the point and doing yourself an injustice.
Sorry for the rant 🙂 Just a reminder to keep it real!

Ceremony: Banks of the mighty Mississippi
Photographer: Amy Martin Photography
Flowers: Fleur Du Jour
Reception: Shaw Center Rooftop /Tsunami
Photo Booth : Smilebooth
Food: Heirloom Cuisine / Mestizos / Culinary Productions
Bridal Jewelry and Accessories : I Do Bridal Couture
Wedding Gown: Elizabeth Fillmore
Cake Balls : Brew Ha Ha
Reception dress: BHLDN

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