Awesome New Chair (and the baby is great too:)

First things firsts… The chair.. I think I may have somewhat of an obsession with chairs. I now have 7 random chairs at my studio. But back to the story. I was going to salvation Army to drop off a big box and bag of stuff. The person in the line in front of me had this yellow chair in the back of a truck and I looked at my mother in law and said I want that chair. I jumped out of my car and hurried up and grabbed my donation and looked at the guy and said that I wanted the chair, he kindof smiled. To make a short story shorter, I got the chair, I didn’t even feel bad about taking the donated item either. I know I am not necessarily the needy, but I think it was meant to be for me to get there at the same time I am calling it a Divine Appointment.

Fast Forward to today. my good friend Autumn and I were going to have lunch so I told her to bring something cute and her baby so I could use my new chair! And finally here are the pictures.

This one is MY FAVORITE. Her mom says this is her Dr. Evil pose. haha



abm2Then we went inside for a few on 2 of my other chairs

abmThere are many many more cute ones but I wanted to post a few right away. But this last one cracks me up. It was very close to her nap time so she wasn’t as smiley as usual so I let her rock out to some Hannah Montana via iPhone…. My caption for this one is iPhones make babies happy! (and this is true of most babies)


Claire wrote:

The chair reminded me of an etsy shop I’ve been meaning to show you. Some items are better than others, and they change regularly.

 [ Feb 9th, 2009 7:54 am ]
husband martin wrote:

she is her mothers daughter!!!great pics!!!

 [ Jan 11th, 2009 10:12 pm ]

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