The Birth-Day Post {Louisiana Birth Photographer}

Let me start off by saying that this couple is by far one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. They have such a love and respect for one another. I walked in the room and found them quietly sitting in the delivery room, just the two of them. He was sitting right at her bedside and they were just enjoying each others company.

I have been wanting to do an actual Birth-Day session for a long time. It is a service that I want to offer and I needed a great willing couple to allow me into the delivery room on one of the most important days of their lives. I contacted Katie months ago when I first found out she was expecting, I had another person who was going to do this for me but her doctor made her induce while I was still in China 🙁 . Katie warned me up front that she was planning a natural birth but that she was comfortable with me being there and completely trusted me. A client who trusts you is a photographers dream!

The doctor decided that Katie should be induced. Natural birth moms don’t typically like this, but Katie said to me that her decision to go natural was always secondary to the health of the baby and her own, so when the doctor said induce she said okay. (she still went without pain medications, but just had to have petocin since she was induced) There is sometimes a little controversy with moms with their own birth plans, like home deliveries, no pain meds. birthing tubs etc. Sometimes it can be intimidating to stand up for what you believe in when you know a professional may say, that isn’t the right choice. Woman’s hospital was soooo incredibly accommodating and never once treated her like she was some kind of freak for wanting to go natural.

One great thing about going natural is that you can still move around. She requested a ball to sit on. I am still kindof new to all of this but I guess rocking helps get things moving a little faster, so she sat on the ball for a while and rocked.

The next two photos are two of my favorite images before baby. Katie looks so radiant, just patiently waiting to meet her daughter and dad stayed at her side the entire day (except for about 15 minutes to grab a sandwich). When I say stayed at her side, I don’t mean he was on the couch reading a magazine, I mean LITERALLY holding her hand for 9 hours!

As it got much closer Katie really felt like it was time although the nurses said don’t try to push, it isn’t time. They encouraged her to get up and move around a bit and  then get in a different position so she could rock more.

Well, she wasn’t planning on having the baby upright…. We were all sitting and waiting. And she yells. “The baby is COMING NOW!”  And might I add that this was the only time she yelled the entire time! No seriously the only time! I love this picture. This is the exact moment Miss Elinoah came into this world! It is so real that it doesn’t seem like a real picture (does that make sense to anyone else?)

Welcome Elinoah

She was worth it!

Dad taking an iphone shot to send an email out to everyone.

How beautiful are they! I looked more like I had just had a baby than she did!

Mom and baby in their room ready for a good nights sleep…. although I am sure they didn’t get it.

Elinoah made her debut kindof late so her big sisters were already in bed. I came back the next morning to document the first time these sisters met each other. Just like I had found them the day before. Mom and dad were sitting quietly with one another while Elinoah slept. Big sisters were on their way.

Their first time meeting the newest sister was such a sweet moment.

And they are now a family of 5!

Congrats to the whole family. Thank you so so much for allowing me to document such a special day of your life. People always say wedding photography is so important because you can’t get it back, or it only happens once. In the world we live in alot of people have more than one wedding. But this is a day that REALLY only happens once.

This is definitely something I plan to do much more of. If you are interested please shoot me an email and I will give you some info.

Kristina wrote:

So beautiful!! you did an amazing job and what an adorable family!!

 [ Jun 29th, 2012 8:04 pm ]
Jennifer wrote:

WOW, these photos are AMAZING… I love all your work, but this takes the cake. Such a special time for this family and you captured it perfectly.

 [ Feb 13th, 2011 7:55 pm ]
Amanda Burgett wrote:

Oh My this is so something I would do! I am pregnant for my second child now and want it to be just my husband and I in the room but still want pictures too!! May I ask how much?

 [ Jan 11th, 2011 5:47 pm ]
Ashlee Shows wrote:

The pics of this natural birth made me cry!! It was so beautiful!! Thanks for posting them!! You are amazing Amy!

 [ Dec 31st, 2010 8:51 am ]
Ainsley wrote:

Amy, these turned out so wonderful, I found myself with a lump in my throat – how amazing that this can be documented in such a special artistic way – I’m sure these images will be cherished dearly for generations…what a honor for you to be a part of!

 [ Nov 20th, 2010 10:36 am ]
Jennifer Tate Reitzell wrote:

Those pictures brought tears to my eyes! That is sooo awesome that you got to experience that with them and capture it on film. Beautiful, beautiful!

 [ Nov 19th, 2010 4:34 pm ]
joy fabre wrote:

This was sooooo cool!!! I just love that they did this. So beautiful! Congratulations to the Shellack family. Amy your work is the most beautiful I have ever seen!

 [ Nov 17th, 2010 1:35 pm ]

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